GroupCall Xporter Data Sharing Agreement


This document forms a Data Sharing Agreement between Mega Seating Plan Ltd (we, our, us) and your school or other education establishment (you, your) for the transit and protection of your school MIS data. When you share data with Mega Seating Plan, it will be transferred via GroupCall Xporter and stored on our servers, located within European data boundaries. All personally identifiable data is encrypted. This agreement outlinse how Mega Seating Plan protects your data.

Transfer and Use of Personal Information

When registering for Mega Seating Plan's MIS link (provided by GroupCall Xporter), you will provide consent for us to transfer data within the agreed scopes. This consent is perpetual until either party withdraws it. When you revoke consent, we will cease transferring data from your MIS and delete all of your data that has been stored on our servers. This data deletion will include all student and class data imported from your MIS, but individual teacher user accounts may remain in place to allow their continued use of the Mega Seating Plan platform (with no MIS link). Deletion of data shall take place as soon as is practicable and no later than 72 hours from the withdrawal of consent. Withdrawal of consent does not necessarily terminate any commercial relationship between you and us, and you may continue to take advantage of other benefits of Mega Seating Plan that do not require an MIS link.

Data transferred from your MIS and stored by Mega Seating Plan includes the following:

  • Details of teachers at your school, including their name, email address and photograph. This is for the purpose of establishing a user account on Mega Seating Plan.
  • Details of class groups at your school, including lists of students and associated staff.
  • Details of timetables at your school. This is for the purpose of providing planning tools for teachers.
  • Details of students at your school, including names, photographs, email address, demographics, SEN status and selected assessment data. This is to allow seating plans to be generated and annotated using this data. All personally-identifiable data is stored encrypted.

Data is stored in a database located in the European Union. Access to student data (and the ability to decrypt it) is limited to the teacher of that class and other users that the teacher has explicitly agreed to share it with. Within Platinum schools, all seating plans are shared with all other users in that school (for the purpose of cover lessons and monitoring).


Support is available via an online support helpdesk. To provide this support, it may be necessary for us to sign in to Mega Seating Plan as one of your teachers, thus allowing us to see student data connected to that teacher.

Data Lifecycle

We will attempt to synchronise demographic/class data with your MIS (via GroupCall) at least every 24 hours. Due to the nature of GroupCall's caching, some changes may take longer to propagate.

When classes are deactivated or deleted from your MIS, they will be archived on Mega Seating Plan for three months; this ensures that teachers can still access seating plans for this class for a period (useful for mid-year class changes). After the three month period, these classes, their students and all related seating plans will be permanently deleted from Mega Seating Plan's servers.

Other documents

GDPR Article 28 contract addendum

For further information, please refer to our privacy policy, data protection statement (including GDPR compliance) and terms of use.