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Mega Seating Plan is the choice of 82,000 teachers in 170 countries because it is free, fast and easy.

New Contact tracing tools

Rapidly identify all seating plans containing a covid-positive student, including historical versions of the plan (Platinum subscriptions only)

Import your classes

Effortlessly import data from any spreadsheet, or directly synchronise data with SIMS, Progresso and all other major MIS providers

Smart sorting

Automatically arrange students based on their gender, name, SEN status or grade

Layout your classroom

Adjustable seating layout to suit your classroom

Drag and drop

Tweak your seating plans by simply dragging and dropping students around your classroom

Display your data

Your seating plans are annotated with all the data that management or Ofsted can dream of

Avoid mode

With a few clicks, keep disruptive students apart

Customise your views

Switch between teacher and student perspectives, and turn data, genders and photos on or off

What do Platinum schools think?

"This is one of the best products we have ever bought. All staff have bought in, shared plans, used data and embraced everything this excellent product has to offer. The platinum plan is fantastic value and has saved us hours of time."

Alex Hawkins, Vice Principal, National Church of England Academy

"Teachers love the ease of creating and sharing plans. Admin is a doddle. Recently we've had to use the contact trace feature, which meant we could promptly pull off the relevant seating plans and provide accurate information to Public Health England.

Support is unrivalled – one example: I used the online chat on a Sunday and Rob responded and corrected the issue instantly. Couldn’t ask for a better service!"

Richard Smith, Assistant Principal, The Chalfonts Community College

"Staff have found this quick and easy to use. Serves the purpose for lesson observations as well as for tracing students due to covid-19."

Mary Austin, Admin Manager, St John Fisher Catholic High School

"The service from Mega Seating Plan has been great so far. Colleagues are able to rapidly find and identify students and cover supervisors and supply staff are able to drop into their roles with absolute confidence about the expectations in the classroom.

Additionally, while dealing with the current Covid situation, we are able to rapidly identify where students have been and work out potential contacts; the ability to look back to previous versions of the same seating plan brings an additional layer of robustness to this."

Oliver Handley, Head Teacher, Pendle Vale College

"We joined Mega Seating Plan with the Platinum subscription this September and it has revolutionised many aspects of our lesson arrangements. It is quick and easy to design your classrooms and add you teaching groups.

One particular function which has proved very useful is the learn names function which enables you to learn the names of your students prior to meeting them! I would highly recommend."

Duncan Rhodes, Deputy Headteacher, The King's (The Cathedral) School

"I know that the teachers in school have benefitted enormously from having software that links directly to SIMS and pulls across the students' data, class list and SEN details. This has saved them a great amount of time.

From a support perspective, I can't praise Rob highly enough. Any issues are always dealt with in a pleasant and timely manner and communication is excellent. I would highly recommend the product for teachers, and also higly recommend the company from a technical and support point of view."

Andrew Kerrison, ICT Network Manager, St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy

"Mega Seating Plan represents great value for money compared to other providers on the market and Rob (owner and creator) is always eager to help resolve any issues or listen to feedback about feature requests. Staff pick up how the system works easily and this in turn reduces the administrative burden on IT staff.

The class tiles are configurable and it has helped make sure that teachers are aware of any special considerations such as SEN status for students in their class."

Nick Foster, IT Manager, St Mary's Menston Catholic Voluntary Academy

"Mega Seating Plan is really simple and intuitive to use; I rarely need to help staff with how to create a seating plan, and they are all impressed with how quickly they can create them.

We've asked all staff to use them for all their classes this year, due to the really helpful track and trace function, and even with a tight deadline no-one has had any issues. Help is very quick."

Julie Hazzledine, Head of IT Infrastructure, William Farr School

"We've been using the Platinum version of Mega Seating Plan for a couple of years now. It compares favourably cost-wise with its rivals - but does the job we need it to do!

The new Platinum features have been very helpful for the current Covid-19 planning and reporting requirements. I've also always found that when we've had queries the response time has been quick."

Jacqui McKnight, Data Manager, William Hulme's Grammar School

"Mega Seating Plan is one of the most popular initiatives with staff we have added over the past few years. It is user friendly and enables staff to make a standardised seating plan with all the student information within minutes.

Rob responds quickly to any queries or suggestions and is always willing to help. At the end of the summer we asked if the plans could be date stamped to help us and this was quickly added.

To be able to see all the seating plans has really helped with cover lessons and enabled us to very quickly contact trace pupils."

Robert Harris, Headteacher, The FitzWimarc School

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Reduce teacher workload

On average, Platinum schools generate 750 seating plans, saving each teacher 9.0 hours.

That's a saving of $37,000 of teacher time per school, all for just $499 per year.

Flexible plans

Individual Teachers Whole School
Bronze Silver Platinum
Free forever
$1.49 /month
30 day free trial, then...
$499 /year
Unlimited seating plans
Unlimited seating plans
Unlimited access to Mega Reports and Mega Homework
Unlimited access to Mega Reports and Mega Homework
  Add student photos to your seating plans
Add student photos to your seating plans
  No adverts
No adverts
  Mega Seating Plan branding removed from seating plans
Mega Seating Plan branding removed from seating plans
  Name learning tool

Name learning tool

  Accounts for every teacher in your school
Accounts for every teacher in your school
  Your school's branding on printed seating plans
Your school's branding on printed seating plans
  Automatic syncronisation of student data with all major student information systems (SIS) using ClassLink Roster Server
Automatic syncronisation of student data with all major student information systems (SIS) using ClassLink Roster Server
  Access all seating plans in your school (great for substitute lessons)
Access all seating plans in your school (great for substitute lessons)
  Bulk photo uploader (coming soon)
Bulk photo uploader (coming soon)

Frequently asked questions

Mega Seating Plan was created out of frustration with creating seating charts by hand or through clunky Excel templates. It will save you hours of time every time you want to create a new seating layout for your classroom.

Simply import your class data, layout your classroom and generate your seating plan. Seating plans can be created automatically based on student achievement, targets, SEN status, gender or at random. It can even keep chatty students as far apart as possible! You are in complete control: drag and drop to tweak your seating plans, then securely save them to the cloud.

Your seating plans can be automatically annotated with all the data that management or inspectors can desire. Upgrade to the Silver plan (just 99p/month) and you can also add student photos to your seating plans.

It is the choice of more than individual teachers across the world, but is also available for whole schools to subscribe. With the Platinum plan, student and class demographic data is automatically synchronised with SIMS and all other major management systems. At just £499/year, every teacher in your school gets these benefits and more. This is substantially cheaper than the alternatives.

And there's more... whole-school Platinum subscribers can tailor their subscription by adding additional features, including synchronisation of student assessment/target data and downloadable student documents.

Yes. You can create as many seating plans as you like for free. However, if you'd prefer to not be distracted by adverts and you'd like to take advantage of premium features, our paid plans are so cheap that they might as well be free too.

Even if you choose to subscribe, as an individual or as a school, Mega Seating Plan is vastly cheaper than the alternatives out there. The goal when I created Mega Seating Plan was to create something useful to save fellow teachers time, not to squeeze cash from schools and teachers.

For users on the Bronze (free), Silver and Gold plans, simply paste your data from a spreadsheet (which can be exported from SIMS or any other management system). For Platinum users, data will be automatically synchronised with your management system, so you can focus your time on more important things.

We are dealing with children's data, so we take security and privacy very seriously. You connect to Mega Seating Plan through a secure https connection: this means that data sent back and forth between your computer and our server is encrypted. Any student data that is personally identifiable (including names, email addresses and photos) are stored in the database encrypted. This means your students' privacy is maintained, even in the worst-case scenario of a data breach.

You can read more about privacy, data protection and compliance with GDPR in the links at the bottom of this page.

My name is Rob Cowen. I am a full time science teacher in the UK, taught in the USA for a while, and am also behind Cowen Physics. I created Mega Seating Plan during a half-term break in October 2015 because I thought it might be useful and, so far, about 82,000 teachers agree.

Mega Seating Plan Ltd is a British company owned 100% by me.

No. When you sign up for Mega Seating Plan, you also get free access to Mega Homework, Mega Reports (to speed up report writing), Mega Feedback (to speed up providing feedback to students) and Mega Name Picker (to randomly select students in your class).