About Mega Seating Plan

Where did Mega Seating Plan come from?

Creating seating plans for your classes is an unglamourous and tedious, yet vitally important, part of a teacher's job. Mega Seating Plan was created out of frustration with existing tools for the job. It was created by me, a high school teacher, so from the very start it has been designed with the needs of teachers at its core.

I have blogged the story of how I turned an idea into an app and an app into a business here.

What is your objective?

Simply for as many teachers around the world to use Mega Seating Plan as possible, so that its benefits in terms of time-saving and better classroom management can be felt by the maximum number of students around the world.

Who is Rob Cowen?

I am Rob Cowen - the founder, designer, coder and owner of Mega Seating Plan. I was Head of Physics at a large London comprehensive, then taught at an international school in the USA. I now teach at a Manchester sixth form college.

When I'm not teaching or running Mega Seating Plan, I also run Cowen Physics, YouTube channel providing free revision and teaching resources to physics students and teachers around the world. I also have some hobbies.

Who or what is Mega Seating Plan Ltd?

Mega Seating Plan Ltd is a company 100% owned by me, Rob Cowen. It is registered in England and Wales by Companies House: registration number 10358390.

Mega Seating Plan is free. That makes me suspicious - what is your 'revenue model'?

Mega Seating Plan generates revenue by providing premium services to subscribing schools and individual teachers. It also generates a small amount of revenue from the adverts shown to free users.

So will it always be free?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, for two reasons. 1) I created this app to help as many teachers as possible. 2) If free users love the app, I hope they will persuade their schools to subscribe to the Platinum plan, to receive an even better service with MIS synchronisation.