Free classroom seating chart generator

Instantly generate seating plans from your students' data
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Mega Seating Plan is the choice of more than 20,000 teachers in 125 countries because it is free, fast and easy.

Layout your classroom

Adjustable seating layout to suit your classroom

Import your data

Effortlessly import data from any spreadsheet or SIMS

Smart sorting

Automatically arrange students based on their gender, name, SEN status or grade

Drag and drop

Tweak your seating plans by simply dragging and dropping students around your classroom

Display your data

Your seating plans are annotated with all the data that management or Ofsted can dream of

Avoid mode

With a few clicks, keep disruptive students apart

Student photos

Import and display student photos on your seating plan

Select a random student

Choose a student at random, or based on their grade, with Mega Name Picker


Make classroom management easier with the Mega Seating Plan seating chart creator

Makes it easy to create seating arrangements, so you can focus on other things.

A quick way to shuffle the seating plans in your classroom

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