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Frequently Asked Questions about Mega Seating Plan

Where did Mega Seating Plan come from?

Creating seating plans for your classes is an unglamourous and tedious, yet vitally important, part of a teacher's job. Mega Seating Plan was created out of frustration with existing tools for the job. It was created by me, a UK state school teacher, so from the very start it is has been designed with the needs of teachers at its core.

What is your objective?

Simply for as many teachers around the world to use Mega Seating Plan as possible, so that its benefits in terms of time-saving and better classroom management can be felt by the maximum number of students around the world.

Who is Rob Cowen?

I am Rob Cowen - the founder, designer, coder and owner of Mega Seating Plan. I was Head of Physics at a large London comprehensive, then taught at an international school in the USA. I now teach at a Manchester comprehensive. When I'm not teaching or running Mega Seating Plan, I also run Cowen Physics, a website and YouTube channel providing free revision and teaching resources to physics students and teachers around the world. I also have some hobbies.

Who or what is Mega Seating Plan Ltd?

Mega Seating Plan Ltd is a company 100% owned by me, Rob Cowen. It exists to provide legal separation between me and my websites. It is registered in the UK by Companies House: registration number 10358390.

Mega Seating Plan is free. That makes me suspicious - what is your 'revenue model'?

As mentioned above, Mega Seating Plan is not my source of income. I work full time as a teacher, so I don't need Mega Seating Plan to do anything other than cover my costs. That means you don't need to worry that I am going to commoditise or otherwise abuse the data you trust me with. Refer to the privacy and data protection policies linked at the bottom of this page for more info, but basically I'm not going to do anything dodgy.

I make a small amount of income from adverts on the site, which just about cover the running costs. Some regular users choose to subscribe to receive additional features, and some schools pay for premium features such as synchronisation with an MIS.

So will it always be free?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, for two reasons. 1) I created this app to help as many teachers as possible. 2) If free users love the app, I hope they will persuade their schools to subscribe to the Platinum plan, to receive an even better service with SIMS synchronisation.

Mega Seating Plan Ltd is registered as a company in England & Wales (registration number 10358390)
Mega Seating Plan Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (#ZA331933).
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